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PLEASE NOTE: If you are trying upload a file larger than 60MB please use an online service like Dropbox or WeTransfer and submit your file to, don’t forget to let us know and add your name to the files.

To submit multiple files, hold down the COMMAND key when selecting files from your computer.

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Having trouble uploading video? Your files sizes might be too large, try the following suggestions…

You may find if you are uploading a large file i.e. a video file, it may take hours to upload. This is due to your video file size and your internet speed/connection.

Solution 1:
If you would like to reduce your file size to make a much quicker upload time, please download HandBrake to compress your files, this is a free and trusted service. Once you have downloaded this software, simply drag and drop your file into the compressor and press the play button to reduce the file size, save to your desktop and upload to our website.


Solution 2:
Alternatively, you can use on online resource like Online Video-Convert, this is a free and trusted online video compressor. Just follow the guidelines on the page to reduce the file size, once reduced, then upload to this page.