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The Empowered WWC Ed. Community – The Parentmedic Movement is a GLOBAL INITIATIVE part of the overarching mission to make education in health, safety, first aid and child-raising topics more accessible for families.
Our Parentmedic Movement is focussed on first aid and safety and includes conversations on all things parenting.
WWC Ed.  aims to have a local Parentmedic Ambassador in each community creating local and trusted connections with families.


WWC ED. was established in 2015 by Nataly Tormey. They have since been known as Australia’s most trusted provider of community health education. Nataly is obsessed with ensuring that all families in Australia have access to reliable and evidence based information that help them keep their children safe – no matter the social, cultural or economic background. Her aim is to to remove any barriers to education that ultimately will empower families across Australia.

Nataly started this organisation after realising the huge disparity between access of first aid education for parents; where it was evident only those that could afford the education were gaining the lifesaving skills. It was through this research that it was evident that in addition to first aid, there were also a huge lack or provision in other parent-related topics.

In addition to working to ensure that each family has access to evidence based information to keep their child safe, Nataly is continuously researching and consulting on the improvement of delivery of this information to families.

Nataly is the founder of The Parentmedic Movement which is a global initiative where local doctors, nurses, health professional, allied and physical health parents are providing baby + child first aid and safety prevention information to families in their community.

Nataly aims to shift the delivery to ensure that any information that is essentially improving quality of life, and in some cases SAVING LIVES that it be delivered in a way that is relatable and well received by its audience, meaning that it is contextualized to the demographics groups it is being delivered to.

The reason The Parentmedic Movement is so well received is because the Ambassadors Care. The dedicate themselves to learning the knowledge and more importantly to learning ways to deliver the content in a fun, warm and gentle way.

All Parentmedic Ambassadors complete Nataly’s Master E-Course in Becoming a Baby + Child First Aid Educator and are part of a supportive professional development community.


1.Register for ‘Become a Baby + Child First Aid Educator’ E-Course: This program is for any one who is interested in providing baby + child first aid. They are provided with the support to turn their knowledge into a community course specific for parents. This includes support in gaining confidence to provide education and to present first-aid information.

2. Become a Member of The Parentmedic Movement: You are required to complete an application to become a member of The Parentmedic Movement. This will allow you to be part of our community and provide Baby + Child First Aid as part of our community, with support in all aspects of delivery.

The Empowered WWC Ed. Community Supports Peer to Peer Learning.

WWC Ed. is continuously on innovating ways to deliver first aid and safety education for parents in different communities.

We are currently developing;

Parentmedic Programs with Indigenous Communities

Parentmedic Programs for the Chinese Communities

Parentmedic Programs for Parents in Crisis