Health Educational Program

Recommended for Early Childhood to Grade 3

Introducing Australia’s favourite children’s character  who is on a mission to teach all young people about safety, first aid, how to be brave and manage our emotions and how to be a good friend! Harry Helper is his name and he is every child’s best friend. He is fun, outgoing, trustworthy and is always willing to help his friends learn about the really important skills to stay well and happy in life!

Hooray for Harry as he has seen that to be a good friend and someone that is part of a community that we not only need to know how to be safe, what to do if someone is hurt but that we also need to learn how to cope with situations the might scare us and help others do the same. This means that not only do we need to learn the skills to look afters ourselves physically that we also need to do this mentally, which means caring for our body inside and out. Join us on our fun adventures and invite Harry Helper into your centre, your school and your family today!

Harry Helper is going to go on fun adventures

& teach children about;


  • How to spot the dangers in our home and in the playground
  • Road Safety
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Safety around Animals
  • Personal Safety

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Understanding our emotions
  • Understanding our family and friends emotions
  • How can we ask someone ‘Are you Ok’
  • How can we help someone when they are not feeling Ok
  • Introduction to meditation and yoga
  • Take home activities to do with families and friends


  • Learning about the human body
  • Healthy bodies and healthy eating
  • Personal hygiene and dental health


  • How to recognise when a friend needs help
  • How can we help our friend and who can we call for help
  • Calling 000 Emergency Services – What is and what is not an emergency
  • Asthma Awareness
  • Allergies and Anaphylaxis Awareness
  • Dealing with emotions when confronted with someone who is sick, unwell or an emergency
  • Learning to brave and resilient when things seem scary and tough
  • Take home activities – Family and Friends learning together

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This program will be an education resource hub for educators and parents. We are currently researching and piloting programs in Early Learning Centres Australia Wide. If you are interested in participating in this research with WWC Education please contact us.

It is our aim to improve current access to education in health, safety and wellbeing for your children and families Australia Wide and to support our educators and parents in facilitating conversations and supporting them to improve overall health.