WWC is a community organisation that is on a mission to ensure every individual has access to education in Family First Aid, Safety, Health and Wellbeing education.


Our vision is for every family in Australia to be empowered by first aid and safety education and information to support their wellbeing physically, mentally and socially. Whether it be an educator, parent, older sibling or carer, we want to make sure that each child is surrounded by people who have knowledge of first aid, safety and childhood development. We believe that if we can empower all families and carers, in turn, we can improve children’s environments, health and happiness.


We are and always will be about giving back to the community and running WWC Education in-line with our values of honesty, integrity and inclusiveness. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable and accessible services that are run by fully qualified facilitators who are also empathetic and understanding, open and warm, non-judgmental and caring. We also strongly value our relationships with our sponsors and supporters who make what we do possible.